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Do you love the bubbling creative chaos that comes as you start a new piece of work?

It's exhilerating and exciting, time flies by and you feel 'in the zone'.

But those times can become few and far between as you get busy building your creative business. All of a sudden there a million things vying for your attention - and that precious creative time becomes harder to find.

None of us want to leave this life with our creative magic still locked inside us, unexpressed.

Yet there are numerous distractions, blocks and challenges that can get in our way. Even the busy-ness of life can take the place of our real work.

How many times have you thought,

'Oh, I'll finish this piece once I've ...' (fill in random administrative life or work task)

Why is it so easy to put our most meaningful work way at the bottom of our to-do list?

Most of the time it's fear. It could be fear of failure ('they' won't like my work) or fear of success (I won't be able to have as much family time if I get too busy).

Fear and doubt can show itself in many ways, and this type of busy procrastination is a classic. It feels like you're being productive, because you're still doing stuff - but it's actually not effective because you're not doing the RIGHT stuff.

Ask me how I know ... :-) 



Yep, I've been guilty of it myself many times.

Then I found a way to create a more aligned focus.

As a result, I wrote and published a book on time management - written during my newborn son's naptimes.

I opened an art studio at home, then worked on my painting skills until I was regularly exhibiting and selling my work.

Now I sell work online as well as in shops and galleries - something that seemed a wild and crazy dream only a couple of years ago! 

Hi, my name is Joanne Murphy and I would love to help you achieve even more of your creative dreams! 

Want to know how I finally got aligned and went for my creative goals?

It's possible to beat yourself into submission, to achieve some goals through sheer force of will - but chances are good you'll end up frazzled and exhausted. 

Thankfully there's a better way. It might seem too simple to be true - but looks can be deceiving.

What I've found is that when you grow and develop yourself, really work on your mindset - it's like upgrading your internal software.

The fears fade into the background and those challenges and goals become easier (& more fun!) to achieve.

If you're wondering where on earth to start, don't worry, I've got you covered :-) I've sketched out the main points for you in my:

 'Inspiration Pack'

You've got powerful, amazing work to do in the world - let's unleash your creative potential and get it happening.

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