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You're a creative soul who wants a successful, fulfilling business that doesn't burn you out.

Even though you adore working with your clients, it's just such a chaotic scramble to get everything done!

Sometimes it feels like you spend all your time troubleshooting and problem-solving. You wish it could be a bit less stressful.

It gets overwhelming at times. You're not sure what to focus on first - it's all urgent, it all needs doing. 

Plus you really want to grow your business, but secretly worry if that would mean an even greater workload...

(Sometimes it's even tough to find time for the creative part that you love so much - right?)

Hi, I'm Joanne Murphy (Ernst), and I want to help you succeed. Your creative work is so needed in the world.

But when you're in that place of stress and overwhelm (we've all been there!), it's hard to figure out what to prioritize. 

Happily, there is a way out of the overwhelm (in fact there are 2), and I'd love to show you how. 

My background is in project management and executive coaching, plus I'm an artist.  (weird combo, right?!)

Clients have told me that I have an uncanny ability to cut through overwhelm like a hot knife through butter.  I'm pretty pragmatic ;-)

So I've put together a special cheatsheet for you:

"The Creative's Guide to Time Management"

... would you like a copy?

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