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If you're a busy mama entrepreneur, my artwork was made with you on my heart. 

I hope it gives you a moment of calm in your hectic day, to strengthen you for the amazing work you do! Your work is so needed in the world, keep going! <3 

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The Work

One day, while visiting me in America, my sister turned and said ...

'Jo, why don't you quit all the hustle and stress? Life's so short, just do what you love - do your art!'

I resisted at first, because I just didn't think it was possible. But then I realized she was absolutely right! 

So I've settled in to this beautiful energy of creating. Now I love merging my art with my passion for helping female entrepreneurs. 

I infuse my paintings and artwork with reiki, imagining that glorious universal energy going out and helping people.

My intention is to create work that feels grounding, calming and inspiring. So that amazing women like you can feel strengthened in bringing your magic into the world!

Gorgeous Goodies with my Artwork on Them!

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Heather in Bloom

Beautiful throw pillow to ground & brighten any room!

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Chakra Rainbow

Each chakra, or energy centre, has a different colour. I created this chakra rainbow to help you balance your energy centres and feel more aligned. 

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Stray Cherry Blossoms

Gorgeous poster print (also available as a ready-to-hang canvas)


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