Money Mindset and Empowerment Coaching with Relinde Moors

May 04, 2020

Relinde Moors is an energy work expert who specializes in helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level of financial success. Her unique approach enables new and experienced business owners to get into alignment with their vision for their brand and eliminate self-limiting beliefs holding them back from achieving it. Relinde’s clients have been able to replace their professional salary within three months of starting their business, grow their companies to six-figures, win awards, and more.


Not only is Relinde a certified yoga teacher with a specialization in embodied medicine, but she also holds certifications as a theta healer, qigong teacher and tai chi instructor. Relinde’s expertise has been featured in the media on podcasts, such as From Fear to Trust and Real Goddess Revolution. When she’s not helping her clients get to the next level, she’s taking professional dance classes and traveling throughout Europe.


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