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Multi-passionate creative entrepreneur? We've got you covered in this podcast episode!

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If you're a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur it can be tempting to think you have to choose, that you should find just 'the one thing' that you should be focusing on.... but, it's kinda impossible, right?

Well, my guest today, Kelly Ramsdell, is a successful author, artist and coach - proving that you can pursue your passions (plural!). Kelly has overcome significant challenges during her entrepreneurial journey, yet hasn't lost her positive outlook or determination. 

It was such a pleasure to speak with Kelly for today's show - tune in for some great inspiration and tips! Plus find out what she gleefully compares to 'a toddler grazing at a buffet' -...
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New Podcast Episode: Sacred Unplanning, Soul Scribe & More!

This was a fascinating interview with female entrepreneur Leah Kent! I love how she so beautifully weaves spirituality into her business offerings. 

If you're a woman juggling creativity, business and family you're going to love this episode. It's packed with such insightful tips and ideas!




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How to Set Your Mindset Up For Success

Creating a success mindset is vital for artists and entrepreneurs. 

Without it, we can stay stuck in fear and self-doubt. There is such huge vulnerability in putting your work, your heart, out into the world for other people to see!

It's scary, right?

But I have good news - the power of your mind is simply phenomenal and you can use it to help you overcome fear and doubt.

Look at it this way; left to run free it can become your worst enemy, or lovingly nurtured (tamed?!) it can be your greatest ally.

Negative thoughts can feed into one another and create a really unhappy and scary snowball effect. Thankfully the opposite is also true – positive thoughts start to accumulate and...

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Quick & Easy Plan for 2020


In this short video I'm going to help you develop the 'bare bones' of your business plan for 2020, so that you have clarity and focus. Plus we'll discuss how you can flesh out your plan and make it more robust and accurate for the year ahead.




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How to Ditch the Overwhelm and Know What to Focus On


In this short time management video I want to help you ditch the overwhelm and get clear on your focus for your business. I guess you could call it stress management too! Either way, we're going to get you into clear, focused action!

Let's do this!

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My Favourite Personal Growth Books of All Time!

I adore reading personal growth and development books, and have probably read hundreds over the years.  It’s SO hard to choose a short list of favourites!! There are truly so many amazing books out there – I could happily just spend so much time reading, I love it.


(If you don’t love reading, try listening to audio books instead) Books are a wonderful way to learn and grow, to keep opening your mind to new ideas and new ways of operating.

Ok, these are the ones that I often end up needing to buy again because I keep recommending them and giving them away, LOL!


My favourite personal development books are:

  • Brene Bown – The Gifts of Imperfection,...
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Focused: How to Get Back in Control of Your Time

Ok, it’s time to Stop Multi-tasking, Get a Long Term Plan and get FOCUSED!

I know I know, we feel like we’re being more effective when we’re whizzing around doing a million things at once … BUT the truth is, when we do that, we’re not really giving any of those things our full attention.

Now if that’s painting your nails while chatting with your Mum on the phone and keeping an eye on dinner, that’s fine – multi-task away.

Multitasking mompreneur focused

When to Get Focused

If it’s writing a report for a client whilst approving a press release to try and get new business, or leaving a voicemail for your customer whilst you nurse your baby … that’s not...

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How to Get from Overwhelmed to Motivated

It’s hard to get motivated for your goals when you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed in your business. When the clarity is gone it feels like you’re wading through a thick fog – urgh! No fun!


I want you to know something –there isn’t enough time for everything.

Truly, there isn’t. There will always be more you could have done, different approaches you could have tried and countless ways you could drive yourself to burnout … but let’s not go there, eh?

There isn’t enough time for everything, so the key is to prioritize what is important. We’ll be looking at this throughout the Time Miracles book, but...

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The Life-Changing New 5 Second Rule

Wow! I had the good fortune to hear  Mel Robbins speak live this weekend, she was AWESOME! If you ever get the chance to see her speak, definitely do it.

Her key idea is relatively uncomplicated – that we can override the doubts and negative thoughts that creep in when we have an inspired thought or impulse, simply by counting backwards down from 5 to 1 then doing ‘the thing’ before we talk ourselves out of it.

It sounds almost too obvious, too easy – can it really be that simple to break our habits of thinking?

I admit, I was pretty skeptical when I first heard it.  Then I read her book (The 5 Second Rule) and felt a little more open...

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