The Creative Business Collective

An exciting new membership for artists, writers and creatives who want to keep showing up for their creative dreams & fulfill their potential

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What You Get With Your Membership:

More Time For Creativity

Project Management and simple systems save you time and a whole lot of stress. They also lay a strong foundation, so that YOU have more time for the creative magic that only you can do.

I was a project manager for over a decade, and am the author of a book on time management. Let me show you how to make more time for your creative work :-)

More Support & Accountability

Showing up for your creative dreams can be challenging in many ways. But with encouragement and accountability, you'll feel supported as you breeze through the challenges.

As well as community support and group coaching, we have a monthly Creative Playdate where we co-work and get stuff DONE!

You can totally do this!

Share Your Work With an Easy Confidence

Great creative work demands us to dig deep, to share from a vulnerable place and put it all out for the world to see. (It ain't for the fainthearted, right?!)

I'll show you how to build your resilience and inner strength, so that you can share your work with an easy confidence.

Yes, you can <3 

Do You Want To Fulfill Your Creative Dreams & Potential?

So many artists and writers waste years with unfulfilled creative dreams tapping at their door. But instead of struggling like that, the Creative Business Collective can help you write your books, share your artwork, music or creative magic with the world. I promise it's possible for you!

The Creative Business Collective came about because I wanted to create a space especially for creative souls, with curated content that gets to the heart of the matter.

Your success really matters - to you, to me and also to the world. It's important that we get your creative magic out in the world!

Imagine holding your finished book in your hands - all of your work condensed into print and right there, in your hands, ready to share with the world...

Imagine receiving the acceptance of your first artwork into a treasured exhibition, the pride and excitement you will feel. (OK, there'll probably be fear too, I'm not gonna lie - but I can help you with that :-)). It is SUCH a huge step!

The way it feels to sell your first creative submission is hard to put into words - if you're anything like me, there'll be happy tears along with all the feels. It's amazing, and quite different to selling a product in a regular business. Your creative work is part of you, it's personal - right?

Please hear this: 

It's not a case of IF, it's a case of WHEN

You would not have this yearning, this calling, it you didn't also have the ability. That's not the way the Universe works.

If you dream of being an artist, an author, a photographer or any other kind of creative - it's because you ALREADY are one. Sure, the traditional markers of "success" may not be showing yet, or not as much as you would like, but in your soul that's what you are. 

You already are.

Often our greatest fear as creatives is that we might die with our magic still locked inside us, that we might waste our potential. I believe that fear is there because our creativity is just so needed in the world. Yet we're not meant to do it all alone - we need encouragement, community, we need to develop our craft and we need to keep being reminded that we can do this. 

It's challenging work, digging deep into your creativity and then being brave enough to share it in public! (It is definitely not like selling widgets, LOL!)

And that is exactly why I have created the Creative Business Collective. It's your safe space to help you to keep boldly showing up for your creative dreams. I'll help you find the time for your creative work (thanks to systems and some simple project management hacks ;-)), you'll get support and accountability by the bucketload and develop a resilience and easy confidence to share your work. You've totally got this! 

"Joanne, you are the Queen of Business Clarity!!!"

Dana Inouye
Empowerment Coach for Women

Hi! I'm Joanne Murphy and I want to help you to succeed in fulfilling your creative dreams.

As a creative with a long history in project management and executive coaching, I've got a fairly unique take on how you can do this... I know that with a blend of simple systems, inner work, productive habits and accountability, your creativity will thrive and your success becomes inevitable.

I can't wait to share it all with you!

After far too many years of waiting, a nudge from my sister finally made me wake up and take my art seriously. My first art show was terrifying beyond anything I have EVER done - worse than public speaking, scarier than managing a multimillion dollar project or any of the other crazy things I've done. But you know what? Nowadays I LOVE sharing my work in galleries, exhibitions, online - and selling is a joy.

It took me about 30 years to write my first book too, but that's a story for another day :-)

How I wish I had had the support of the community and tools that I'm offering in the Collective - it would have made the journey so much less stressful and the progress faster.

But I can offer it to you, to help you succeed more quickly and easily, and that brings me immense joy.  As a coach of many years, nothing beats the feeling of seeing your clients break through blocks that were holding them back and step into their greatness. I'm excited to hear about your success!

The Creative Business Collective is a monthly membership program that offers amazing masterclasses, group coaching calls and virtual Creative Playdates - all created to help you keep moving forwards! So that you can build a successful creative business and achieve your dreams.

(Just to be clear .... This is not a program about the craft of writing / painting / creating - it's about the mindset and systems that can help you succeed in your creative business journey)

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Creative Business Collective

The monthly membership designed ESPECIALLY for creative entrepreneurs! Keep showing up for your creative dreams, build your business and fulfill your potential.

You're Busy, I Get It!

Working on construction and business change projects for over a decade gave me a thorough grounding in time and project management for sure (and maybe a few grey hairs!).

My own business has been built part-time around my family - in fact my first book was written during my newborn son's naptimes.

So you can be sure that I am very focused on making sure you get results quickly!

The Masterclasses are deliberately curated to give you the most 'bang for bucks' as regards time :-)

Our coaching calls and Creative Playdates will help you get unstuck and into creativity, and they also build in vital accountability and community.

My great desire is to help YOU achieve your creative and business dreams - so you can thrive creatively AND financially.

Join The Creative Business Collective

The Creative Business Collective is for you if:

  • You've got creative dreams, you just don't always have time to follow them
  • You  want to make sure you fulfill your creative potential
  • You're curious about building a thriving business with your creative work (or grow the one you already have)
  • You're tired of trying to do #allthethings and want an easier, more pragmatic approach
  • You want your business to run smoothly so you can focus your energies on your creative craft
  • You just sense that this is your time, and you want to get on with it!


It's not for you if ...

  • You're not open to learning and trying new methods.  
  • Joining the membership puts you into financial difficulty
  • You don't really want to succeed and you're not willing to work on your mindset (Fear of success we can deal with, that's a little different)


Creative Business Collective

The monthly membership designed ESPECIALLY for creative entrepreneurs! More time for your creativity, more support & accountability and more confidence to share your work

If you want to build a thriving creative practice and show up for your dreams - I'd really love to help you.  

I'm not currently taking on any 1:1 coaching clients, so joining the Collective is the best way to get my support. I'm pouring everything into this, into you. I want you to thrive creatively and financially - I wholeheartedly believe the world needs more dreamers, creatives and changemakers.  This creativity that you have is so needed in the world <3 

I want to make this a no-brainer for you, so I've purposely kept the price low. In fact ...

If the Collective helps you get just one new sale a year (a YEAR!) you'll have easily made back your investment. ONE sale!

Ten years of project management, almost 10 years of executive coaching and a lifetime of creative struggles / joys / adventures - I'm distilling all of that value into this membership program to help you thrive creatively and financially.

It's not just my content though, I also have an amazing line-up of experts to teach several masterclasses - all designed to help you thrive financially and creatively.

You can absolutely do this! I believe in you. 

Take my hand, let me show you how.

Click the link below to join the Creative Business Collective today. Let's do this!

Join Today!

The Creative Business Collective

$29 per month (Price in US Dollars)

Yes! I want in! Save with Annual Membership for $267

As a Member of the Creative Business Collective you'll have private access to my online coaching platform, where you'll find all kinds of goodies :-) 

1. First and foremost, our video masterclass on your Creative Success Path. This is absolute gold!

If you've ever struggled with overwhelm, not knowing where to start or what to focus on - this is going to rock your world! 

As I mentioned, I'm a project manager by background so I LOVE to cut through the noise and get clarity.

In this masterclass you'll identify your current position on the Creative Success Path and learn exactly what to focus on to grow to the next level and beyond.  

Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to clarity, focus and being able to relax during your time off (radical, right?!)

2. Next up, I recommend you jump in to The Organized Creative masterclass.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find enough time for your creative work, can't it?

In The Organized Creative masterclass you'll discover how to find more time for what matters most. 

My best productivity and organization hacks are in this class - broken down into easy, bite-sized pieces.

Oh and don't worry, I've got printables and checklists to help you do this quickly and easily. 

Improving your time management frees up your time to do your creative magic AND enjoy the other parts of your life! 


Join The Creative Business Collective Today!

3. Each month we feature a new masterclass on a key topic to help you stay inspired, grow your business and conquer fears and doubts (yep, we all have them).  

Examples of our upcoming masterclasses:

  1. Creating a Success Mindset
  2. Online Business Foundations for Success 
  3. Empowered Time Management for Busy Women
  4. The Money Mindset Makeover
  5. Marketing for Artists, Writers, Makers and Craftspeople

Plus ... Creative Playdates!

We also have live Creative PlayDates on zoom every month where we co-work on our creative projects. The calls are a mix of quiet solo working then group Q& A time. It's the perfect way to get your creative projects finished and out into the world.

Does that sound like it would be helpful to you?

If yes, I'd love to welcome you to the Creative Business Collective!

Click the button below to join today:

Join the Creative Business Collective

Plus if you join before 22 August 2020 you will be grandmothered in at your special rate for the duration of your membership. Yay! 

(So even when I increase the price, you'll still only pay $29 per month! )

This is incredible value! If your membership helped you sell even just one more artwork/ submission or land one new design client in a YEAR, it would have easily paid for itself. The time management masterclass in the Collective alone has sold previously for $297 - and that's just one of the classes!

Or if you're ready to commit to your creative success for the long term, you might prefer my fabulous VIP offer ...


For a limited period I am offering an Annual Membership in the Creative Business Collective for a single yearly payment of $267  (that's incredible value - it's actually less than I sold my first painting for)

If you join as an Annual Member, you will receive special VIP perks:

  1. A beautiful affirmation card in the mail (designed by me)
  2. Priority access to the hotseat in group coaching calls (where you get personal coaching from me)
* PLUS the first SEVEN Annual Members will also receive a free confidential 1:1 coaching session with me to clear creative or money mindset blocks (worth over $200).

Limited to first 7 Annual Members only!*


Click a button below to purchase your

Monthly or Annual membership today:

The Creative Business Collective is a membership group specifically for creatives. Whether you're an artist, a writer, photographer, musician, designer, illustrator, maker, or other creative - this is a space for you to thrive!

Yes, it's about building a business, but it's also about overcoming that fear of putting your creative work out in the world; it's that struggle between having confidence in the quality of your work while still accepting that you can improve.

Creativity is a lifelong calling, right? There's always more to learn, new ideas to try and comfort zones that can be stretched.

I want to support you in all of that, and I know that the special community we're creating in the Creative Business Collective will inspire and encourage you to show up and get your beautiful creative magic out in the world!

I cannot wait to celebrate your amazing success!!

Creative Business Collective

The monthly membership designed ESPECIALLY for creative entrepreneurs! Keep showing up for your creative dreams, build your business and fulfill your potential.


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