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Welcome to Joanne Murphy Studio - my home of coaching and creativity for busy entrepreneurs :-) 

I love helping busy entrepreneurial women to feel grounded, calm and focussed so that they can show up and do amazing things in the world! We need far more female leaders in all sectors of society, for the betterment of all of us.

My small contribution to that is to help more women succeed in the realm of business, particularly when it comes to how they manage time. I was a project manager for over 10 years, then an executive coach and now I'm an artist and author.

As well as the planning and time management piece, I love to help women feel more grounded, inspired and calm via my art. I paint landscapes, mostly in oils, mostly of Yorkshire or New Zealand. Women tell me that my paintings make them feel serene, grounded and that they feel a sense of feminine power from them.

You'll see some of my work sprinkled throughout the website, if you're interested in taking a closer look please check out my Etsy shop:


So, here I am, feeling my way through combining three rather mismatched (on the face of it!) skillsets - project management, coaching and art. It's a journey and I'm still figuring it out!! But I'm here heart and soul to use whatever gifts and talents I've got to help women succeed.

When you're less frazzled and more focused, you can be so much more effective. When you're clear, grounded and inspired I know you can create absolutely amazing things in the world!

With so much love




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